Hummingbird Systems

25. April 2021 Hans-Georg Zwicker

Agility or conventional planning methods

Modern and highly flexible agile planning and control methods are being used in more and more areas. They are in constant competition with conventional approaches and methods.

Conventional planning and control approaches
Conventional approaches are usually based on network planning techniques and algorithms that lead to parallel worlds especially in single and small series production. The fact that they can never portray the extremely dynamic daily business leaves them (in part) beautiful applications that linger beside the real day's events. The too strong orientation to algorithms leads rather to lower planning security.
Traditional methods are often located in ERP systems and therefore no longer up-to-date in single-item production.

Agile planning and control
Only agile approaches in this environment create the necessary freedom for decisions that are driven by individual experience and responsibility. At the same time, these new approaches require a willingness to rethink and abandon well-traveled paths.
Agility combined with complete transparency of the processes is the order of the day to be sustainable.

The agile Hummingbird MES system offers all these elements but even much more,