Hummingbird Systems

27. February 2022 Hans-Georg Zwicker

Digital twin, but how does it really work?

Everyone is talking about the digital twin, but who brings the virtual and digital world together in such a way that they really create benefit?

Hummingbird knows what is where
On the one hand, Hummingbird knows what is where through the direct tracking of processes. In addition, a localization system for individual components can be integrated in Hummingbird. And all of this fully automatically and on the side.

Hummingbird shows what is in a place
With intelligent labels, Hummingbird shows what is currently located at every storage location. Status messages or changes in the process for the individual components are displayed directly.

Hummingbird brings the virtual and real world directly together, automatically, clearly and incidentally.
The agile Hummingbird MES system,