Hummingbird Systems

15. August 2021 Hans-Georg Zwicker

Holistic MES as the centerpiece of continuous improvement

Not only the normal topics like data integration, planning and automation but also the support of the continuous improvement of the processes is one of the core tasks of digitization.

Record and track errors
A holistic fault management system must be an integral part of the MES in all areas. Both human and mechanical errors must be recorded and fed to continuous improvement. Software and organization must go hand in hand. The constant quest for improvement in the processes needs facts and must not rely on good will. The MES system must clearly and unambiguously record these facts.

Process loops very easy
Process loops are a day by day business in tool and mold making. Errors in NC programs must be immediately returned to the CAM department. Measurement results that require immediate reworking must be implemented directly and without any problems. All this must be agile, directly in the team and without complex production planning feasible. At the same time, all these events must be automatically fed into the process of improvement.

The agile Hummingbird MES system combines holistic fault management system, agile methods and digitization, automatically, simply.