Hummingbird Systems

20. June 2021 Hans-Georg Zwicker

Moldshop of things, select the best

For many years it was normal to select one single system for the digitalization of the production. Those days are over. Today you choose modules that fit optimally and link them to the Internet of Things framework.

Restrictions everywhere
Until a few years ago, manufacturers of MES systems tried to push their system through to the customer for any kind of digitization task. This inevitably led to constant compromises in functionality. Likewise, these systems were rigid and vulnerable. A failure of the system always led to a total production shut down.

Moldshop of things
A modern MES system not only realizes agile planning and control methods as well as simple but effective forms of organization, it also integrates modules and systems from various manufacturers. Customers have the freedom to select and integrate automation systems from any manufacturer depending on the task.

Customer specific development
The integration of custom-built applications must also be supported by an open programming interface (API).

The Moldshop of Things has become a reality with