Hummingbird Systems

28. February 2021 Hans-Georg Zwicker

Organizatoric must-haves for implementing Industry 4.0

The current hype around Industry 4.0 focusses mainly on software and communication. To implement Industry 4.0 successfully in the mold and die industry it is a must to streamline the mindset as well as organizatoric aspects first.

Standardization and simplification
A clear and global understanding of standardization and simplification is the root element to be prepared for the digitalization. Rethinking, standardizing and simplifying all the processes permanently is a must to be able to map the processes into the digital world.

Security and 80:20 rules
Leaving behind the idea of covering 100% of the business cases is a must to successfully implement automated processes in the mold and die industry. We have to ensure that 80% of the cases are able to run absolutely secure while 20% still need the specialist.

Must have process elements
To ensure the process stability elements like
- a fully integrated MES planning and process automation system
- fully automated and MES integrated NC code simulation
- fully MES integrated problem and incident management
- fully MES integrated quality check
are a must.

Only a well prepared and highly standardized organization is able to implement digital systems.