Hummingbird Systems

10. October 2021 Hans-Georg Zwicker

The human face of industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is currently extremely fashionable. In the mold and die industry there is the unique chance not to target on loss of jobs and downsizing.

Digitalization as a basis for job security
All over Europe, especially in highly specialized and demanding areas, industry 4.0 offers great possibilities in securing industries and jobs. It offers the chance to reach much more profit and efficiency using more or less the same headcount. Machines and systems do have these days a degree of maturity that allows to make that a success.

Industry and work-life-balance
Using digitalization in an intelligent way and combining it with mordern forms or organization (i.e. decentral responsibility for teams and lean management) offers the chance to change the image of old fashioned craftmanship to an attractive and modern profession.

Harmony of humans and systems
To follow such a global approach, systems are required that support the organizational aspects as well as the diversity of challenges. These systems have to be simple, agile, extremely flexible and human. This will create harmony between humans and systems enabling us to reach outstanding results.