Hummingbird Systems

30. January 2022 Hans-Georg Zwicker

The Hummingbird way, app by app

The agile Hummingbird MES system is built app by app, just like we know it from smartphones. Hummingbird leaves complete freedom for decisions.

Hummingbird Apps
The entire Hummingbird system consists of many individual apps that you can assemble according to your own preference and priority. Quite simply, in small steps. On tablet or desktop, OSX, Windows, Linux, iOS or Android, whatever you choose.

Partner apps
CAM systems, ERP connections and automations are added to the agile Hummingbird system just like apps. Simple and convenient. This creates complex systems by a finger tip. Always choose the best and connect directly.

Let's leave the old structures behind and focus on what really matters.

The agile Hummingbird MES system offers all these elements but even much more,